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50 BLACK AND WHITE PORTRAITS: Having made his name in international fashion photography, as a fashion film director and through solo and group exhibitions, Jean-François is showing a highly personal collection of large scale, stylized black and white photographs. For the past three years, he has pushed his own boundaries in both subject choice and technique, photographing people nude on their own beds in their own space. His subjects and collaborators are friends and individuals he met at parties and social gatherings, most of them part of the East London social scene. Jean-François’ understanding of form and light and his very personal compositions have created beautiful images that celebrate the natural and sensual quality of the human body, showing both the individual’s fragility and strength. Taking an approach that is not meant to be titillating, shocking or obscene, they abandon themselves to the camera without any fear of voyeurism or awkwardness. Shot on black and white film, the portraits convey a beautiful depth and a connection with their subjects in a traditionally classical way.

Photographic Exhibition at Forge & Co Gallery / 154 Shoreditch High Street London E1 6HD

20 February - March 4

Tony Ward SS15

Tony Ward’s Spring Summer 2015 collection, inspired by Gothic Architecture, is a stage where the designer reinterprets structural lines and figures, to theatrically reveal a modern silhouette that illustrates a lost heroine of the ancient world. Intricate shapes collide and intertwine in this collection where elegant filigrees morph into a variety of feminine looks. Dramatic evening gowns reside side by side with more sensual, revealing garments. The fabrics are a mixture between Zibeline, printed Gazar, embroidered Crinoline and Lace. The softness of the wooden pink, silver and blue, balances the more dominant black, pure white and antique gold. Just as many noble materials that represent the cathedrals stained glass windows where abundant light shines through. Ornamental Silk wires formed into delicate tracery hold a dominant place in this collection defined by visible three-dimensional details, executed with new techniques developed at the Tony Ward Ateliers. Armatures, pointed arches and ribbed vaults are clearly shown in the repetitive symmetrical patterns; the rose, an essential element of Gothic Art, is also very present.

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