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Ground Zero SS15

A playful mash-up tone embodies the GROUND-ZERO Spring/Summer 2015 collection with a luxuriant yet juxtaposing spin on graffiti print, The collection exudes a modern conversation between casual streets-wear and ready-to-wear, where downtown edge finds its way right into the form of high-end sophistication, Soft fabrics are embraced with a touch of vibrant motifs that dominate the collection, which are carried over from a transformation lingua france of pop culture.

GROUND-ZERO's signature paradox plays a part throughout the collection, Smooth, uncluttered lines are the first impression on the collection, Yet the occasional ingeniously considered pleat, fold, ruffle, or irregularity perfectly implements the minimal silhouettes adding to their distinctive appeal, Usual elements are transformed into well-crafted uniqueness which has transcended its mere form of existence, Printed denim-alike overalls made of sleek silk fabric and compounded mesh patches on the shoulders are perfect interpretations of this sophisticated roll-out-of-bed coolness, The softness and transparency segments are balanced with structural definition of shapes and lines, where sheer organza is decidedly trimmed with 3-demensional iron wire embroideries, Architectural inspired shapes put particular emphasis on drop-shoulder silhouettes and asymmetric detail to showcase a new feature of GROUND-ZERO's signature modernity, which is bold, flirty, versatile, and with a futuristic take on contemporary design.

As a rising designer label blessed with great support every now and then, GROUND-ZERO's S/S15 collection makes no otherwise, This season, GROUND-ZERO is teaming up with the iconic fashion footwear brand, as well as its major sponsor, STACCATO to create an exclusive shoe line, It also collaborates with GALTISCOPIO as fashion watch sponsor and GENTLE MONSTER to add an iridescent edge to the show.

GROUND-ZERO manages to create artistically juxtaposing pieces yet with a unique appeal able to make a strong statement this season, Its transformation take on pop culture and unconventional fabrics definitely reinterprets a concoction of street wear and ready-to-wear, which indicates a new era of modern GROUND-ZERO Gang.

Christina Economou SS15

Christina Economou vous invite à découvrir sa nouvelle collection.

Du 26 septembre 2014 au 29 septembre 2014
au Tranoi
Caroussel du Louvre
Stand Z 24, 99 rue de Rivoli
75001, Paris


Du 30 septembre 2014 au 2 octobre 2014
au showroom
Passage de Retz - 9 rue Charlot
Paris - 75003

Christina Economou a étudié à Parsons ainsi qu’à l’Istituto Marangoni à Paris, où elle a gagné le prix international de la London Graduate Fashion week en 2011.
Après avoir travaillé pour Giambattista Valli ainsi que pour le Vogue Grèce en tant que correspondante à Paris, elle a décidé de retourner dans à Athènes en 2013 dans le but de lancer sa propre marque.
Les formes classiques inspirent son travail. Elle porte également une attention toute particulière aux imprimés, aux tissus riches ainsi qu’aux coupes non conventionnelles. Son but étant de créer une ligne qui apporte une nouvelle approche, et une touche de sophistication au prêt-à-porter classique, ainsi qu’aux vêtements de nuit en utilisant des soies produites dans la ville historique de Soufli au nord de la Grèce.

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After an experience in the fashion industry with womenswear label Isolda, Amanda Gerbasi decided to pursue her passion of design. This translated itself into jewellery design and the founding of KATTRI.

Due to the environmental and social challenges of mining at KATTRI we strive to use ethically sourced materials. The gemstones used by KATTRI are conflict-free, and for the most part, sourced and cut in Brazil.

Amanda believes that all the things she has seen and experienced in life (plus her genetic fabric) influence the aesthetic choice of the jewellery pieces she creates. However, she has a clear attraction to pure geometric shapes and repetition. Strong visual impact is achieved through the structure of the pieces themselves rather than through ornamentation.

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Avoc is a label established in 2013 in Paris. Avoc creates connections between clothing, scenography and decorative arts.

Avoc clothing is made of architectural lines, structured materials and a minimal range of colors. Each collection is designed around one iconic ornament.

Avoc also offers services of art direction, scenography and interior design.

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TOTEM FASHION welcomes Catalina Brenes

TOTEM FASHION welcomes Catalina Brenes, a Costa Rican jewelry designer based in Berlin. After graduating in Fine Arts at Costa Rica, she started dedicating to jewelry in 2005, first enrolling at “Studio Metallo”, then advancing to “Alchimia, contemporary jewelry school” in Florence, Italy, where she studied with masters like Peter Bahuis and Manfred Bischoff. Learning milenary jewellery technics with contemporary approaches. In 2010-2012, while opening her own workshop in Florence, she worked as assistant at “Antonella Villanova - Art jewelry gallery”, having the opportunity to attend with her work in international fairs like Design Basel and Collect, London. From August 2012 lives and works in Berlin. Obsessed by the essentiality in nature, she aims to create shapes that stand by themselves with purity and balance. Like the environment that stimulates, she constantly seeks to evoke timelessness.

ILJA FW14-15

Lumina is a collection inspired by light. Artists like James Turrell and Olafur Eliasson, who are inspired by light, space and reflections, were a big influence on this collection. Light is a bare necessity, but intangible at the same time. It defines forms, shapes and spaces but also triggers the viewers perception and emotions. With Lumina we tried to capture these emotions. The phenomenons of light and the transition of light from day to night. The transition of light from day to night, the time of the day and the difference between artificial and natural light are translated into vibrant colors against hard black and white contrast. Diffuse colors next to richer contrast colors and reflections. In the prints the light is represented in geometrical lines and strokes of light in black and white and a vibrant red. The use of soft and fluid materials in contrast with harder and glittery or textured materials in contrast with matte and shiny materials. Double face two toned fabrics represents the change of light. In the collection we find boxy, straight and geometrical shapes combined with more feminine, fluid and organic shapes with a minimal, sharp and graphical touch. To create a strong feminine and modern collection. Mainly clean finished with raw edge contrast and subtle color contrast details. That is Lumina.

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