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Stéfanie Renoma présente : Dancing Smoking
Film et musique, Clément Fontaine
Photo, Frédéric Monceau

Avec : Raphaël Toureille, Redha Benteifour Christophe Leka, Teddy Quivelin, Jack Taffel, Yann Rebelo, Ania Ne, Diva Cam, Alina Mirica, Fabio Revelant, Eric Sakai, Jabe Oob, Yana Shtefan, Delphine Perrot, Benjamin Josh Tandre, Cécile Chalvet, Gabriel dehech, Justine Tallot, Yves Boujenah, Quentin Bruhat, Mohand Ouali, Laurie-anne Zanoletti, Alexiane Guyon, Lola Maunoury, Little Enzo, Jacotte Perrier, Armelle Gerbault, Marie-Julie Debeaulieu, Martina Bakst, Valerie Ciccarelli, Max Titarenko, Benjamin Bornazzini, Anthony Despras, Hedi Hammam, Adrien Ouaki, Boucanier Smb, Stephane Fly Corcel Stefano Pistolato, Igor Popolovitch, Saido Darwin, Marlène Wirth Armelle Cohen Galerie Adler, La Louve des Carpates Kennel Studio de l'Olivier, Studio Astre

1914 Now by SHOWstudio

Designer Walter Van Beirendonck reinterprets the archetypal headgear of war, a helmet from 1914, in this film directed by artist Bart Hess

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! with Alcantara and Manish Arora

Alcantara has been interpreted by the Indian designer Manish Arora to compose a magnificent art installation titled "Life is Beautiful", a fantasy house that glows in blue light and conveys a feeling of happiness and beauty.

"Life is beautiful” was presented to the public on the occasion of the opening of the Paris Auto Show, in the presence of the world-renowned fashion icon Diane Pernet.

Totem Fashion Paris Press Days SS15

Photos courtesy of Isabel Felmer

Manish Arora chooses Paris for his First Flagship Store

The colorful and joyous love story between Manish Arora and Paris began in 2007 with momentous runway shows that, beyond business, aim at restoring optimism and lightness to the down-and-out fashion public.

Beyond the runways and the Fédération française de la Couture, du Prêt à Porter des Couturiers et des Créateurs de Mode where he is a member, Paris has also become his second home, 10000 kilometers away from languid New Delhi and its incredible craftsmanship, an integral part of the brand. It was therefore natural for Manish Arora to open his first flagship in Paris, after the presentation of his Spring-Summer 2015 collection.

In just a few seasons, the Indian designer has wooed a demanding public looking to distinguish itself. After the success of his Galeries Lafayette corner and of the Galerie Joyce pop-up shop in 2013, Manish Arora has decided to take this new step and welcome his clients into his own world.

Located at 5 rue Rouget-de-L'Isle, between the Tuileries garden and rue Saint-Honoré, in an area reputed for its exclusive addresses and a stone’s throw away from most Parisian palaces, the Manish Arora boutique is conceived as a natural extension to his Parisian home, with its colored glass panels, the pink and gold that sign all this collections, all distilled in-store on furniture, fittings and displays.

The store was imagined by the Milan-Paris based studio Riccardo Haiat (, whose business focuses in the conception of boutiques, restaurants and apartments. The architect wanted to combine the strong and coloured univers of manish arora with a pure and elegant touch that well integrates the Parisian context of the rue de Rivoli.

With its two street-facing windows, and its 130 square meters, the boutique features dual spaces of beautiful volumes. Facing the street, there will be Manish Arora’s ready-to-wear, his accessories and selected pieces from his Indian by Manish Arora collection (until then exclusive to the Indian market), as well as a curated selection of his favorite items: Varanasi toys or artwork, small trinkets or unique pieces, temptations of the day or of a lifetime.

At the back, the space will be dedicated to exhibitions, showroom presentation and private events, in relation with the enchanted world of Manish Arora.

By combining retail and exhibition spaces, Manish Arora will fully inhabit this location, marking it fully as his Parisian headquarters.

Address : 5 rue Rouget-de-l'Isle 75001 Paris
Open from Monday to Saturday :
Monday 2pm-7pm
Tuesday to Saturday 11pm-7pm

Allude SS15

Embracing Uncertainty

"The freedom of the individual and the many different ways in which people live their lives provided the inspiration for my collection. To me, being open to everything and not following any predefined rules is a sign of our times. The individual's attitude and take on life are the elements that perfect the look - everything is wearable, there are no rules."
Creative Director Andrea Karg's enthusiasm for experimentation is visible on multiple levels. Using exquisite craftsmanship, contrasting textures are transformed into finely crafted structures which are typically associated with Allude. Minimalistic and clear silhouettes are translated into feminine, delicate and emotional looks by incorporating appliqué details and cut-outs.
Precise geometric shapes and patterns are skilfully featured, creating a light and airy effect thanks to transparent base materials, rhinestones or raw, untreated cashmere and fringing.
"The collection interprets jacquards, Vichy and pepita in an entirely new way by strategically playing with different knits. Particularly with pepita patterns, shades of nude have a softening effect on seemingly harsh colour contrasts."
Flat, open sandals were created for the collection as the perfect way to round off the look. The opulently crafted cashmere plaids are worn on a leather harness.
"I can't change the world, but I can make it a little more pleasurable."

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Alcantara x Manish Arora

Alcantara featured by Manish Arora!!!
Alcantara is pleased to invite you to "Life is beautiful"
A one night event where you'll discover the iconic installation by the inspiring designer Manish Arora
2nd october 2014 from 8pm to midnight @ Mondial de l'Automobile Officiel
Press RSVP:

Anne Sofie Madsen SS15


The collection is about coming undone in time - falling apart – floating off in space.
It embodies the contrasts between something extremely private and personal but at the same time exposed and revealed. An intimate room within infinity.
The silhouettes are inspired by the idea of the existence of cybernetic organisms that embrace both organic and technologic components. The invention and reinvention of nature.
A cat-lady in a broken time machine…
This feeling is evoked by the use of a reinterpretation of traditional handy craft methods. Devoré techniques, quilting, ruffles and smocking made on a 1950’s domestic machine, all used to create a deteriorating feminine silhouette.
Leather, linen, hand painted silk and mink fur comes undone in complex juxtapositions, combining lightness and strength, heavy ropes and ruffles.
A patchwork of melting mechanical shapes, frayed edges, coats falling apart.

Gosia Baczynska SS15

"Black Spring"

The latest collection by Gosia Baczyńska originates in the designers fascination with Henry Millers “11 Commandments”. “Work Schedule” developed by the writer is so universal in its nature that it can be easily internalised by any artist, irrespective of the medium they use for self-expression, or more broadly, by any creative individual.
Millers text triggered Gosia Baczyńska to rethink the very process of creation, and at the same time, it introduced the context of the artistic bohemia of the 1930s, along with the characteristic fervent mood of intellectual provocation perceptible in individual looks. The collection keeps the roguish mood somehow being at the same time calm and balanced. One can imagine an obedient girl gone bad when seemingly modest dress discloses its rebellious nature. Gosia Baczyńskas favourite dictums selected from Millers text, such as: “Keep human! Go places, see people, drink if you feel like it” or “Don’t be a draught horse. Work with pleasure only” have been transferred onto blouses, skirts, dresses and shoes. They might come either as printed inscriptions or sentences hand-written by the designer, accompanied by school childs scribbles. Sometimes they are more visible, at other times hidden. They become an ornamental detail when printed with the golden foil on a simple black dress or a mysterious code when popping from inside the pleats. The chosen sentences, being an integral part of the garments’ structure, become a statement message.
The collection is composed of experimental pleats, prints inspired by typesetting, laces covered with foil and flock patterns, and jacquard knits. Pleats are sculpted or cut with laser, which results in 3D textures as well as open patterns „dancing” on skirts and dresses while moving, which creates a glance of naked body underneath. Most of the dresses are knee- or midi-long. The dominating colours are black, navy blue, pink, blue, mint-green and white. Taken all together, the above-mentioned elements along with Gosia Baczyńska`s sophisticated designs and her attachment to surprising details, create a unique whole.
The collection has been embellished with matching accessories. Silver signet-like rings use the typesetting motive and contain an encrypted message.
Also, for the first time ever Gosia Baczyńska has designed her own shoes (sandals), where prints hitherto known from clothes, appear on leather and vinyl. Upper vinyl parts are covered with Miller’s sentences. Box-shaped, massive heels are wrapped in printed leather with the typesetting motive. The collection of shoes has been developed in co-operation with Nunc.” The quotes from Henry Miller were used in the collection with the courtesy of "The Henry Miller Estate".